UGM Supports Research Collaboration Through “International Research Collaboration Workshop 2022″

Universitas Gadjah Mada strive to improve the quality and quantity of the publication of the students and faculty members of UGM through research collaboration with external researchers, particulary researchers from abroad. Badan Penerbit dan Publikasi with Directorate of Research held “International Research Collaboration Workshop” on Monday, 5 December 2022 in Multimedia 1 Room. Prof. dr. Irawan Satriotomo, Ph.D, BCMAS from University of Florida (USA) and Prof. Roger Frutos from Université de Montpellier (France) become the speakers of the workshop.

Dr. Mirwan Ushada, STP, M.App.Life.Sc. as the director of research expressed that the workshop is essential to develop collaborative research basic skills and pursue interdisciplinary research and wider networking. The collaborative research, in the future, is expected to bring significant and positive impact towards science and the implementation.

The workshop is moderated by Rachma Wikandari, S.TP., M.Biotech., Ph.D. from the Faculty of Agricultural Technology Universitas Gadjah Mada. The first lecture was delivered by Prof. dr. Irawan Satriotomo, Ph.D, BCMAS. He brought the topic of “How creative collaboration harnesses the power of diverse perspectives and creative thinking to develop innovative solutions”. During the second lecture session, Prof. Roger Frutos talked about “Different types of research collaboration”. About 27 participants attended this workshop and gained more knowledge to develop their skills in conducting collaborative research.

UGM Press Increases Digital Publishing and Digital Marketing in Facing the Challenges of Changing Post-Pandemic Publishing Culture

UGM Publishing and Publication Agency as a working unit at UGM that manages UGM Press as a national and international academic publisher, has the honor of being one of three publishers in Indonesia invited to be a resource person at the American Institute for Indonesian Studies-Michigan State University Conference on Indonesian Studies on current trends in Indonesian Publishing. Head of UGM Publishing and Publication Agency (BPP), Prof. Widodo, Ph.D., was a guest speaker at the virtual event held by Michigan State University Libraries and Library of Congress Field Office in Jakarta on June 22, 2022. Besides UGM Press, Gramedia and Mizan were also invited.

This event discussed the development of publishing in Indonesia before and after the Covid-19 pandemic with speakers from three publishing institutions with different criteria. UGM Press is representative of academic publishers, Gramedia is representative of general book publishers, and Mizan is the publisher of religious books. The challenges and strategies for publishing books in a new culture after the Covid-19 pandemic became an interesting topic of discussion. Not only in Indonesia, the Covid-19 pandemic that has hit all over the world also has affected consumer patterns and habits. Before the pandemic, consumers bought books physically at bookstores. However, since the pandemic, many bookstores have been unable to run their operations due to social regulations and declining purchasing power. As a result, publishers must look for new strategies or conduct business transformations to deal with changing consumer habits who shop through online marketplaces or in the form of e-books.

The spirit of publishing books may be hindered in academic books because research activities are also not as extensive as before the pandemic. Apart from this, there has been a decline in the purchasing power of printed books that have already been conventionally distributed. However, this was answered by Prof. Widodo, Ph.D., as a new challenge in adapting to various changes. Although the Covid-19 pandemic has not ended, the enthusiasm for publishing academic books at UGM Press is still increasing. The marketing strategy is also directed toward e-commerce which has become the best option for buying and selling transactions during the pandemic.

On this occasion, Prof. Widodo, Ph.D., also said that in facing the challenges of publishing, UGM Press would increase digital publishing and digital marketing by increasing book publications in the form of e-books and promotion through online marketplaces. With this, it is hoped that the distribution of UGM Press publications will be wider nationally and internationally. In addition, UGM Press will continue to increase opportunities to collaborate with international publishers, such as the collaboration with Springer that has previously been done. Muster it, UGM Press hopes to collaborate with other international publishers such as Elsevier and Emerald. This is possible considering that UGM Press has books on social science issues in Indonesia that are quite popular internationally.

Workshop of Scientific Article Editing with Latex for UGM Journal Managers 2022

Wednesday, June 8, 2022, BPP UGM held a virtual workshop entitled “Workshop of Scientific Article Editing with Latex 2022”. This event is aimed at UGM journal managers for increasing their knowledge about the use of Latex for scientific article editing, especially in the field of science and engineering. Latex-based format standard in a scientific publication is often used in the article publication process in a journal. In this case, Latex is known as one of the printing systems that have advantages in presenting mathematical formulas and complexion graphics. The use of Latex could create a consistent and elegant presentation of documents without spending a lot of money and effort. Therefore, this is urgent for journal managers to have a skill in operating Latex, especially for science and engineering journal managers because they often deal with using formulas and graphic displays in their manuscripts.

Workshop on the Use of Open Journal Systems (OJS) and UGM Journal Website Standardization 2022

Wednesday, 23rd March 2022 Badan Penerbit dan Publikasi (BPP) UGM held a workshop on “the Use of Open Journal Systems (OJS) and UGM Journal Website Standardization” virtually. The program is a part of a series of workshops related to journal management organized by BPP UGM. The workshop is aimed to upgrade the knowledge of journal managers on the basics of the use of OJS version 3, standardization of the UGM journal website, and publishing management’s ability in using OJS. There are 100 journal managers of UGM who joined this event.

The Head of BPP UGM, Prof. Widodo, S.P., M.Sc., Ph.D. in his speech mentioned the importance of online journal management with OJS version 3 to improve and provide the efficiency and visibility of the journals. The journal managers are expected to transfer the journals to the UGM online journal which has been implementing the latest version of OJS.

This workshop presents speakers from the Journal Acceleration Team of UGM, Andrian Dion Priadi, S.Kom. and Winarsih, A.Md. as interviewees as well as Prediastuti Purwitorosari, S.S. as moderator. The participants received explanations in detail related to the basic use of OJS version 3, standardization of journal websites, and publishing journal management with OJS 3. During the discussion session, participants are actively conveying the obstacles faced in managing journals, particularly related to the use of OJS.

The event is closed by the Head of Subfield Journal of BPP UGM, Ide Yunianto, S.Si., M.Eng. who shared information related to language editing and similarity check services provided by BPP for academic civitas of UGM, especially for the need for article submission to a reputable scientific journal.

Journal Workshop Going to Indexed DOAJ 2022

Badan Penerbit dan Publikasi (BPP) UGM held a journal workshop going to indexed DOAJ 2022 on March 9, 2022 virtually program. This program was opened by the Head of BPP UGM, Prof. Widodo, S.P., M.Sc., Ph.D. as a welcome convey the importance of DOAJ indexation use to increase the visibility of a journal. Join present interviewees from the Acceleration Team UGM Journal, Sasmita Gandawanti, S.E. who gives exposure about policy DOAJ indexation continued with best practices indexation by Augustine Asih Tri Utami, S.T.P. with moderator Winarsih, A.Md.

This is the program to upgrade the knowledge of the journal managers about policy and procedure for To do indexation to DOAJ. With adequate knowledge, the management journal expected could prepare the submission process to DOAJ with more good. Thirty-five journal managers of UGM who have not DOAJ-indexed attended the workshop enthusiastically.

Journal Workshop to Scopus Indexed 2022

Badan Penerbit dan Publikasi (BPP) held a virtual workshop namely “Journal Workshop to Scopus Indexed 2022” on March 8, 2022, to plan for UGM journal indexation. This event was opened by Head of Publication and Journal of Badan Penerbit dan Publikasi UGM, Ratih Fitria Putri S.Si., M.Sc., Ph.D.  In her speech, she conveyed that by holding the workshop, journal management in UGM can improve by accreditation and indexation, one of which is through Scopus. This achievement requires good planning that includes understanding of the new regulation and policy indexation. Hence, BPP UGM is always ready to assist journal managers, thus the indexation process can be carried out well.

This event was attended by 55 participants, of which were representatives of the editor-in-chief, managing editor, and editor assistant journal at UGM with the status of SINTA 2. Furthermore, the event was attended by the UGM Journal Acceleration team, Dr. Purwani Istiana, S.I.P., M.A and Andri Putra Kesmawan, M.IP as speakers and moderated by Mr. Pradiastuti Purwitorosari, S.S. On this occasion, the materials presented include what needs to be prepared for Scopus Indexation, advice in indexation, and direct indexation trial practice.

Journal Workshop to Get Indexed SINTA 2022

Wednesday, February 23, 2022, BPP UGM held a virtual journal workshop to get indexed SINTA in 2022. This event is a part of indexation and UGM journal accreditation preparation in 2022. Fifty participants attended the event that carried out material on journal accreditation policy and best practices for journal accreditation and self-evaluation demo. On this occasion, BPP UGM presented a speaker from the UGM Journal Acceleration team, Dr. Purwani Istiana, S.IP., M.A. and Sasmita Gandawanti, S.E. This event was opened by the Head of Sub Division of Publication, Mr. Ide Yunianto, S.Si., M.Eng. He conveyed that the workshop is held at the beginning of the year, with the hope that it could serve as a guide for journal management, especially preparation for journals that have not and will carry out accreditation.

SINTA accreditation process needs excellent and primed preparation which includes thorough understanding of the applicable requirements. Many obstacles faced by the journal manager in accreditation preparation, one of which is delay in publishing and journals that are vacuumed for a certain period. DR. Purwani Istiana, S.I.P., M.A in her presentation conveyed the crucial points that the journal managers need to pay attention to, such as journal governance (institutional, infrastructure, performance, and funding), hosting preparation and journal target for accreditation/indexation. In the next session, the participants attended practices on filling out forms and self-evaluation for accreditation application guided by Sasmita Gandawati, S.E.

The enthusiasm from journal managers who will prepare themselves for SINTA accreditation can be perceived from the many questions asked to the speakers and BPP UGM.

Workshop and Assistance for Re-accreditation of UGM Journals in 2022

Tuesday, 22 February 2022 BPP UGM held a workshop and mentoring for re-accreditation of UGM journals in 2022. This virtual event featured speakers from the UGM Journal Acceleration’s team, Agustina Asih Tri Utami, STP and Andri Putra Kesmawan, MIP. A total of ninety-five participants who are journal managers at UGM took part in activities aimed at supporting the preparation of re-accrediting journals at UGM in 2022. The material presented included the accreditation policy/re-accreditation of journals in 2022 followed by best practices of journal re-accreditation.

The event was opened by the Head of Publication and Journal of BPP UGM, Ratih Fitria Putri, S.Si., M.Sc., Ph.D., who had the opportunity to say that BPP is always ready to assist the management of journals at UGM for every stage of both accreditation and re-accreditation. Through this event, it is hoped that journal managers can follow the new regulations regarding accreditation and re-accreditation. In the final session of the event, the mentors aided in filling out the re-accreditation form directly so that it became an illustration for journal managers so that obstacles in filling out other journals could be minimized.

The event was closed by the Head of Journal Subdivision of BPP UGM, Ide Yunianto, S.Si., M.Eng., who conveyed the workshop agenda related to the management of scientific journals held by BPP.

Telkom University Visit

Thursday, January 27, 2022 UGM received a visit from Telkom University in the context of benchmarking the PPM Directorate at Telkom University to the UGM P2M management unit. Head of Publishing and Publication Agency UGM, Prof. Widodo, M.Sc., Ph.D and the Director of the Directorate of Community Service, Prof. Ir. Irfan Dwidya Prijambada, M.Eng., Ph.D. warmly welcomed this visit by giving an explanation about the implementation of publication management and community service at UGM.

The presentation regarding the management of the publications and journals was delivered by the Head of The Publications and Journals of BPP UGM, Dr. Ratih Fitria Putri while the explanation about publishing and printing was explained by the Head of Publishing and Printing at BPP UGM, Dr. I Wayan Mustika, M.Eng. While the presentation about the management of the field of community service was delivered by Prof. Ir. Irfan Dwidya Prijambada, M.Eng., Ph.D.

The benchmarking activity by Telkom University to UGM is to find out more about the management of community service, publications, and journal management at UGM.

Workshop on Evaluation of 2021 Activities and Strategies for Achieving Targets for 2022

Badan Penerbit dan Publikasi UGM (BPP) held a workshop “Evaluation of 2021 Activities and Strategy for Achieving Targets for 2022” on Wednesday, December 22, 2021, at Eastparc Hotel, Yogyakarta, involving all leaders and staff within BPP UGM. This event aims to evaluate the implementation of programs and activities that have been conducted by BPP UGM in 2021, as well as to develop plans and strategies for achieving performance targets in 2022. In this workshop, discussions were also held on standard operating procedures (SOPs) and guidelines for routine activities held by BPP UGM every year.

In the evaluation session, it was reported about the achievement of the performance target of BPP UGM which is mandated in 2021. The number of publications of UGM lecturers in reputable international journals has increased significantly compared to 2020. In addition to quantity, in terms of quality, BPP UGM has succeeded in overseeing the management of UGM journals in accreditation and indexation which made the reputation of UGM journals at the national and international level increase. The number of citations for the publications of the UGM academic community also continues to increase both at Scopus and Google Scholars. Head of BPP UGM, Prof. Widodo, M.Sc., Ph.D., in his speech also gave directions to all BPP UGM staff to continue to increase work productivity with projected performance planning far ahead.

The event was opened by the UGM Vice Chancellor for Research and Community Service (P2M), drg. Ika Dewi Ana, M.Kes., Ph.D., who in her speech expressed her appreciation for the work productivity of all staff so that BPP UGM can achieve every well-defined performance target and be able to support university performance in general. In addition, it was also conveyed about the importance of sincerity in work which is based as a form of worship. The Vice-Chancellor for P2M UGM also hopes that through various work programs that have been established, BPP UGM can further increase its participation in the mission of educating the nation’s life.

This event went smoothly with the outputs of the work program design activities for 2022 as well as draft SOPs and work program guidelines to be implemented.