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31 Jan – 20 Nov 2018 OPEN

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27 April 2018

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The impact of published research on the scientific world is determined by the magnitude of its readership, which is largely determined by the reputation of the scientific journal in which a manuscript is published. For scientists who are not native English speakers, publishing manuscripts in reputable scientific journals is a challenge in itself, as the vast majority of the world’s most prestigious journals are published in English. Thus, the quality of the English in a scientific manuscript may dictate whether it is accepted for publication in a reputable international journal.

To support Universitas Gadjah Mada's reputation enhancement program in the publishing domain and enhance UGM researchers’ contributions to their respective fields, BPP UGM offers publication assistance to selected authors in the form of a language editing program. This program is geared towards authors intending to be published in international journals, and aims to increase their chances of being accepted by their journal of choice.

The language editing program is open to any UGM academic whose manuscript is ready to be published in or submitted to an international journal, but still requires improvements to the language. Authors accepted into the program will have their papers edited by a professional language editing service. These papers will then be expected to be submitted to a high-ranking journal with the confidence that they will not be rejected due to the quality of the English.

Our partnership with Enago

This language editing program is a joint collaboration between BPP UGM and Enago, an internationally renowned English language service provider who offers language editing, publication assistance, translations, and other services related to the publication process. Enago also provides workshops and seminars to up-and-coming researchers and students, especially those who speak English as a second language. Through BPP UGM’s partnership with Enago, authors from UGM have the opportunity to maximize the visibility of their research and increase their standing amongst their international peers, consequently giving back to their university by raising its prominence on the international stage.

Authors who fit the aforementioned criteria are encouraged to submit their proposal along with their manuscript to BPP UGM.

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