Workshop of Scientific Article Editing with Latex for UGM Journal Managers 2022

Wednesday, June 8, 2022, BPP UGM held a virtual workshop entitled “Workshop of Scientific Article Editing with Latex 2022”. This event is aimed at UGM journal managers for increasing their knowledge about the use of Latex for scientific article editing, especially in the field of science and engineering. Latex-based format standard in a scientific publication is often used in the article publication process in a journal. In this case, Latex is known as one of the printing systems that have advantages in presenting mathematical formulas and complexion graphics. The use of Latex could create a consistent and elegant presentation of documents without spending a lot of money and effort. Therefore, this is urgent for journal managers to have a skill in operating Latex, especially for science and engineering journal managers because they often deal with using formulas and graphic displays in their manuscripts.

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