Comparative Study

UGM Press Received Academic UNS Surakarta

A total of 31 lecturers and students of the Bachelor Program of Indonesian Language and Literature in Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Surakarta visited UGM Press, Tuesday (23/4). The group of UNS led by Dr. Budhi Setiawan, M.Pd. accepted by UGM Manager Press, Dr. I Wayan Mustika, accompanied by a range of Coordinators for Publishing, Offices, and Finance, Printing, Marketing, and Warehouse.

Comparative Study of PKN STAN Publishing Unit to UGM Press

In order to manage book publishing in its institutions, STAN’s State Financial Polytechnic Publishing Unit (PKN) Team conducted a comparative study at UGM Press, Tuesday (04/16/2019). Roby Syaiful Ubed as Chair of the PKN STAN Publishing Delegation said that currently, PKN STAN is making improvements in the field of the publishing process in the STN PKN environment. A comparative study at UGM Press was conducted to study the flow of management of book publishing within the government.

UGM Press Comparative Study : Towards Innovation

UGM Press Editorial team conducted a series of comparative studies to four publishers in the Jakarta, Bogor and Bandung regions. On the first day, Thursday (April 4, 2019), the visit was conducted at the Polimedia Publisher Jakarta, 09.00 to 12.00. On this occasion, Polimedia gave an open speech, led by the Director of Polimedia, Dr. Purnomo Ananto. He greatly appreciated the arrival of the UGM Press team, led by UGM Managers Press, Dr. I Wayan Mustika. In this event, UGM Press was invited to tour around to see directly the process of editorial work to activities at Polimedia printing.